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Our Company History

In February of 1995, we were approached by a Sheboygan Falls business for a solution to a problem. This project was the beginning of Z&N Machine Company. At this point, we were responsible for the assembly work for the customer.


In the spring of 1996, we began rebuilding machines for additional customers. We also started to manufacture our extruded aluminum lift-off hinges. This is Z&N’s exclusive design and product.


It soon became obvious that we had outgrown our 3,000 sq. ft. space at 911 Forest Avenue in Sheboygan Falls. We moved to an 8,000 sq. ft. space and were sharing the building with Richardson Furniture at 420 Forest Avenue, Sheboygan Falls.


In 1998, we acquired TSI, a machine shop in Sheboygan, and moved it to our location. With an increasing customer base and more orders, it made sense to machine in-house. At this point, we did not know how to machine – we taught ourselves very quickly. We were also no longer sharing the space with Richardson Furniture and had taken over the entire building.


In the fall of 1998, we bought a new CNC Tree – Vertical Milling Machine. This enables us to make parts as large as 24” x 40” in a single set-up.


Up until this point, we had been using an outside source for electrical work and were not pleased with the quality. Once again, we taught ourselves and began doing the electrical work in-house also.


In 2000 we bought a Horizontal Milling Machine with capabilities up to 107” x 95” table travel and 98” height.


In 2002 we purchased a new Flux Core Welder and our first CNC Lathe (used).


In 2004 came the purchase of a new 16” x 22” CNC Mazak, which allows for smaller travels but at higher rates of speed.


In 2006 we celebrated our ten-year business anniversary in Sheboygan Falls.


The autumn of 2007 brought a major change for Z&N Machine. The partner, Wayne Zimmerman had no desire to keep growing the business, and requested liquidation or selling the company. Earl Ney did not agree. He had put his heart & soul, and many years into Z&N. The end result, to the satisfaction of both partners, was a buy-out by Earl Ney.


In 2008 we bought our Mori 6 Axis Integrated Turn Milling Center, and we also had a great year by all business standards. The economic climate of 2009 affected Z&N as well as its major customers. By 2010, as things improved for our customers, our orders increased also.


However, as in the past, we had outgrown our building of 8,000 sq. ft. at 420 Forest Avenue in Sheboygan Falls. Due to size constraints and location, we were being held back from our goals for the future. In 2011 we purchased and moved into a 16,800 sq. ft. building at 3411 S 32nd Street in Sheboygan. We now have the space to further grow our business.


Here we are now, and we believe our potential for future growth is limitless.  We are problem solvers with a long history of turning skeptics into believers and believers into eager customers. We are optimistic and looking ahead at long-term future growth and business expansion.


In 2016 we celebrated our twenty-year business anniversary in Sheboygan.

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